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Wristbands For Security

Control access with custom print on wristbands, it's one of the best ways to identify counterfeits. Some of our wristbands have an extra security feature using a UV light to identify people that should be there. They have an adhesive closure and is tamper proof.

Tyvek is the most affordable option. we have three types of Tyvek® Wristbands. Fiberbands®, Standard and Foil.
Tamper Proof Adhesive Wristband Closure

Our standard  Tyvek®  wristbands  has become the fan favorite. With its thin security oriented material  the standard Tyvek® many times comes apart when they are tampered with. This technology helps with those "event crashers" helping ensure the security of you event at a low cost.
The Standard Tyvek® below may be our common security paper wristband however it is the industry standard.  We carry the standard Tyvek wristbands in the 3/4" wristbands which is the most popular wristband choice.

Standard Tyvek Wristbands

For higher security demands we have our own Fiberbands® wristbands. Carrying our own security slit technology the Tyvek® Fiberbands® is the industry's highest security paper wristband. We change our  UV print from time to time for security reasons.
Slit tear technology, custom wave color display near adhesive end and custom wristband colors is why Fiberbands® is  one of the highest security wristbands out there. 

Wristbands that use UV for security.

Foil Tyvek® wristbands are also a great option for security. You can notice you patrons with the shiny foil coating. When printing on foil we print after the foil part.
Foil Wristbands for Print
Printing on Foil Wristbands

Our Vinyl and Plastic Wristbands have a  non-reusable locking closure to discourage transfer and increase security. These are used for outdoor events or multi day use.

Vinyl and Plastic Wristbands